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The Undisputed Truth
The Undisputed Truth
Face to Face With the Truth

Original Release Date:  January 6, 2004

Track Listing
  • 1. You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earth
  • 2. What It Is?
  • 3. Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World) Friendship Train
  • 4. Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)
  • 5. Take Me in Your Arms and Love Me
  • 6. Don't Let Him Take Your Love from Me
  • 7. What's Going On
  • Marvin Gaye: Composer
  • Jack Brokensha: Bells, Tympani [Timpani], Vibraphone, Gourd
  • Dennis Coffey: Guitar
  • Johnny Griffith: Organ
  • Barrett Strong: Composer
  • Richard "Pistol" Allen: Drums
  • Jack Ashford: Maracas, Stick, Tambourine
  • Renaldo Benson: Composer
  • Al Cleveland: Composer
  • David Cole: Liner Notes
  • James Jamerson: Bass
  • Joe Messina: Guitar
  • Melvin "Wah Wah" Ragin: Guitar
  • Aaron Smith: Drums
  • Andrew Smith: Drums
  • Earl Van Dyke: Piano
  • Norman Whitfield: Composer, Producer, Mastering, Cover Art Concept
  • Eddie Willis: Guitar
  • Eddie Brown: Bongos, Conga
  • Gilles Pétard: Reissue Producer
  • Weldon McDougal III: Photography
  • Robert White: Guitar
  • Hendin: Photography, Cover Photo
  • Curtis McNair: Art Direction
  • Roger Penzabene: Composer
  • Tom Schlesinger: Graphic Supervision
  • Gérard Woog: Supervisor
  • Orson Lewis: Mastering
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